Corneal Transplant Specialist in Zirakpur

Corneal Transplant Specialist in Zirakpur – Eye diseases are rapidly rising these days. Distorted vision, vision loss, blurry sight and weak eyesight are the result of eye diseases. Well, it is really important to understand the importance of our eyes and we should educate others to take care of their eyes too. Constant eye checkups can help to keep you away from Eye Diseases. Also, if you are from Zirakpur and looking for the Corneal Transplant Specialist in Zirakpur, you can easily visit Sharma Eye Care Center. Their best eye treatment services will truly help you to have a clear vision for a lifetime.

Corneal Transplant Specialist in Zirakpur

Sharma Eye care centre is on the popular and trusted eye care hospital in Zirakpur. They have a specialized team of eye care experts who are highly professional in the ophthalmic industry. This eye centre is because they have the best Corneal Transplant Specialist in Zirakpur with the latest innovative facility for treatment.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best corneal specialists book your appointment at Sharma Eye Care. You can give a call on 9814528495 or easily mail them on and share you any query.

What Is The Purpose Of A Corneal Transplant?

  • Firstly, if a person who is suffering from Keratoconus, Ulcers, infections, Side effects from past Eye Surgeries, corneal scarring, and Thinning of the cornea. It is necessary for them to have this surgery. Otherwise, these diseases can result in vision loss.
  • Secondly, in this treatment, the damaged and infected cornea is replaced by healthy layers of tissues which are donated by the healthy donor. This layer of tissues is used to fulfil the thickness of the cornea. Hence, cornea transplant results to have clear and healthy vision again.
  • Thirdly, a person who has gone through Cornea Transplant, it is really important for them to take care of their eyes after this surgery. And, it is crucial for them to follow every precaution related to eye care.

About Zirakpur

Zirakpur is a small neighbouring city of Chandigarh. This city comes under the Punjab region. This city is very well known for its real estate business and wedding industry. Moreover, when we talk about its healthcare facility, this city has more primary healthcare facilities and medium-sized hospitals.

This city has approx 95, 557 of the population and in the present day, half of the population has become the victim of eye diseases. For that, Specialists of Sharma Eye care decided to provide better healthcare to this city.

Why Sharma Eye Care Is Best For Corneal Transplant Specialist In Zirakpur

  • Firstly, Sharma eye care centre is located in Chandigarh which makes it easy for people of Zirakpur to go visit their clinic to get the best treatment.
  • Secondly, Eye specialists of Sharma eye care are best in treating every eye type of eye treatment like cataract, LASIK, RETINA, Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery and most important Corneal transplant.
  • Thirdly, their treatments are highly affordable for everyone. As they provide the best services to their every patient. The best part they provide treatment to poor people who cannot afford money for their treatments.
  • Moreover, Sharma eye care serves their best knowledge in PGIMER Chandigarh. They set up awareness camps at different locations to educate people about better eye care. They have many precious achievements in the ophthalmic field in their 13 years of experience.
  • Also, they have patients from all over India and abroad as well. The highlighting part they have the advance and best technology to perform safe and effective eye surgeries and treatment.

Thus, these were some very important points which highlight the best benefits of trusting Sharma eye care centre for the best Corneal Transplant treatment.

Therefore, now we know why Sharma Care centre is best for us. And, now it’s your time if you are facing any eye issue or someone else is facing eye issue in your surrounding or nearby. Educate them to visit best eye centre for the treatment. To know more you can see below on given information.

Contact Details

Name – Dr Ashok Sharma’s Cornea Centre
Address – Sco 2463-2464, Second Floor, Sector 22 C, Chandigarh – 160022, India
Phone Number – 9814528495




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