Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab

Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab – Eyes are the most important part of our human body. They give us the power to see the world. If anything happens to them it becomes a lot difficult for a person to deal with. So, it becomes important to choose the eye specialist to treat them. Sharma Eye Care Hospital is one of the best eye hospitals for Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab with a team of highly qualified and well-experienced eye specialists.

If a person is having a cloudy vision in the eyes which makes daily activities difficult then it’s probably the time for a corneal transplant. A good eye specialist like Dr. Ashok Sharma can treat your eyes and can help to recover the vision of the eyes by removing the cloud vision and replacing it with an artificial lens. To book an appointment by the Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab – Dr. Ashok Sharma, call on 9814528495 or you can drop us the mail at

Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab

What is the Cornea Transplant?

The cornea is the outermost layer of our eyes. The cornea works to focus all of the light that comes in and out of your eye. It does not contain any blood vessel to protect them against the infection and nourish them.

Corneal transplant is known as cornea grafting. It is a surgery in which ophthalmologist replaces the damaged cornea with the healthy layer of tissues. After the corneal transplant is done the vision of the eyes improves and will have less pain and better vision. A cornea transplant can improve different eye problems like such as –

  • Cornea scarring due to an eye infection or injury.
  • Ulcers in eyes or soring.
  • Inherited eye diseases.
  • Problems by an earlier eye operation.
  • Keratoconus.
  • Swelling, clouding, or thinning of the cornea.

So, if you want to check for the Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab, Sharma eye care will provide you the best facilities for the treatment.

Perks of consulting the best hospital for Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab?

It becomes confusing for a person to look for the best doctor for eye surgery. But if you do consult a good doctor who can help you in getting the eye vision back.

  • If you will choose the experienced surgeon then that doctor will diagnose and treat your problem very well as compared to an inexperienced surgeon.
  • You will feel more comfortable during your surgery as only the experience doctor knows how to deal with a scared patient.
  • The staff of that particular hospital will take proper care of you during or after your surgery.
  • You will not have to face any problem after your surgery like infection, vision problem, etc.

Consulting the best Sharma Eye Care hospital for Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab

Sharma eye care hospital is the best hospital for corneal transplant in Punjab. The hospital is run under the guidance of Dr. Ashok Sharma who is the founder of Sharma Eye care hospital. He is treating different eye problems of patients from the last 30+ years. Dr. Ashok Sharma is a well-reputed doctor for vision correction in India. He did M.S (Ophthalmology) PGI, Chandigarh, MBBS(IGMC), Shimla. He has a specialization in eye surgery and has done maximum cornea transplant surgeries in Chandigarh. Sharma Eye Care Hospital always use safe and up-to-date technology to recover different problems of eyes.

So, if you are looking for a Corneal Transplant Specialist in Punjab for you or your any family member who is suffering for any eye problem. Consult Sharma Eye Care Hospital for the best treatment immediately.

Contact Details –

Name – Dr. Ashok Sharma’s Cornea Centre

Address – Sco 2463-2464, Second Floor, Sector 22 C, Chandigarh – 160022, India

Phone Number – 9814528495

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