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"We are committed to providing complete and quality Eye care to our patients."

Sharma Eye Care Hospital (Cornea Centre) is one of the best eye hospital in Chandigarh which aims to give complete care to corneal patients came from India and abroad. Our hospital is located at sector 22 C Chandigarh. You can easily come to our hospital by train, air, and road by all the major cities/states of India. The main goal of our Cornea Centre is to provide and preserve eyesight of the patients. We provide excellent quality, patient-friendly medical care in a comfortable environment which is good for the entire family. We want our patients to cure well. The main goal of our hospital does not only treat patients but we also want to give preventive care to our patients. The doctors of our Cornea Centre have many years of experience in their field. They have worked in the reputed institutes like PGIMER Chandigarh. Our hospital also provides eye care to the low socioeconomic and poor people at subsidized rates. In order to spread awareness about eye care, we hold camps in villages and suburban areas where free consultation and medicines are provided to the patients.

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The cornea of the eye plays an important role in vision. It is basically the front section of the eyeball. It is transparent and watch glass in shape. Cornea occupies two third of the refractive power of the eye. It has no blood vessels to feed and protect it from any infection.


LASIK is the most common laser procedure which corrects the refractive error of eyes.

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Refractive Surgery

Eye surgery is done in order to improve the vision and refractive state of the eye. It also eliminates or decreases dependency on contact lenses or glasses.

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Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a medical device which is used to correct the vision or for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons.

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Depends on the ethnic background it is more common in non-whites. Keratoconus is usually diagnosed in young age (at late teens or early twenties).

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It is a clouding/opacification of the eye's natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil.

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It is a serious condition which can cause scarring, clouding, distortion, and eventually blindness.

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The purpose of this test is to produce a detailed description of the power and shape of the cornea.

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We diagnose and treat different disorders of the eye sockets, nasolacrimal (tear) ducts, and eyelids.

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It is a group of disease with progressive optic nerve damage. This disease is caused by increased pressure within the eyes (Intra-ocular pressure).

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In order to protect your vision, you should control your blood pressure and blood sugar.

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It is a surgical procedure where a diseased or damaged cornea is replaced by donated cornea tissue.

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Eye Hospital In Chandigarh – Sharma Eye Care Hospital in Chandigarh provides the best eye care services using the latest technology and skills. It is one of the pioneer eye hospital in Chandigarh which gets patients not only from Chandigarh but from all over India. We offer services like Lasik, Refractive surgery, Oculoplasty, Keratoconus, Retina, Contact lens, Cataract, Corneal disorders, corneal topography, corneal transplant, and glaucoma. So connect with us to get the services from the best eye hospital in Chandigarh.

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